Monday, May 22, 2006


One thing I could do without for the rest of ever: progressive Jpegs. You know them. They're the images (usually large photographs) on web sites that load, one pass after another, slowly becoming clearer and clearer.

The problem? I usually decide whether or not an image is worth continuing to load after the first pass. I don't wait for the second, third or, heaven forbid, the fourth pass. It's just too late. You lost me. I've even left web sites when the progressives begin to load. I figure it's not worth the wait.

That's not to say that regular Jpegs load any quicker. But I know that by the time I see the bottom of the image filled in with data, I'm done. With the ridiculous progressives, it's almost a guessing game. How many more passes until I see the actual image? Two more? Three? Really... really not worth it.